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Bride !! Choose Your Best Wedding Dress for Your Body Type!!

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All eyes should be on the bride during the wedding day. One can argue that it’s a union between a man and a woman, and therefore the groom deserves his own spotlight as well. While that is true, it is widely acknowledged that a huge percentage of the attention on that special day would be on the bride. So you have to choose your wedding dress according to your body type and imperative the bride be the loveliest woman in wedding room, and the one to catch the most attention.
Below is a simple guide to help you select the wedding dress for your body type.

According to your height:

Bodytype bridal dress Fashion seeker place

Shorter brides will look taller by choosing a dress with a high waistline, or something that has vertical lines. This gives the illusion of you being taller than you actually are. Dresses with busy styling or are made of heavy cloth or fabric should be avoided as they tend to weigh you down. Petite women should show off small waists, so go for a wedding dress that does this.
Taller brides, on the other hand, should avoid vertical lines on their dresses, especially if you’re slender on top of being tall. Brides of tall stature can carry sophisticated gowns with sweeping styles well, but should avoid gowns that look too dainty.

According to your body shape:


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Slender brides should steer clear of vertical lines on dresses, as this makes them look even more slender than they are. Show off your slim arms with an off-shoulder design. If you have gorgeous legs, think about going for short wedding dresses.

Full-figured brides should go for dresses with simple designs and made of lightweight matte fabrics. To give the impression of a slimmer figure, go for designs such as empire waists, deep necklines, and long sleeves, which also work well for those whose upper arms aren’t that toned. Instead of pleats and gathers, opt for a full but softly falling skirt.

Slim Waistline bridal dress

Brides with pear-shaped bodies, on the other hand, don’t normally have problems with wedding gowns. If you have this body type, you’ll definitely be able to pull off dresses with low necklines, as well as a decorated bodice. However, avoid trims or details around the waist. Instead, create the impression of a slim waist by having a full skirt billow out from a deep v-shaped basque and achieve that flattering wedding dress for your body type

According to your Bust

Dress according to Bust

Admittedly, not all women are well-endowed, but it doesn’t mean we should forego looking good just because of this. Brides with small busts should consider adding some elaborate details to the bodice of the wedding gown. Pleats and gathers in the bust area provide a fuller appearance, however, avoid low or plunging necklines.

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Large-busted brides, on the other hand, look great in dresses with scooped or v-necked necklines, as well as halter straps and off the shoulder styles. Avoid high neck and waistlines, and if you must have detailing done, focus them to the area below the waistline. To strike the perfect balance between your bust and the rest of your body, have the skirt part of the dress made out of heavy fabric, while choosing softer fabrics for the bodice. Doing so tones down the heaviness of your bust, and creates a perfect picture of bridal beauty.

By following the guidelines set above, you’ll be sure to create that perfect look with the perfect wedding dress made to fit your body type. However, don’t hesitate to do alterations here and there as necessary, especially if the wedding dress that you had your heart set on doesn’t exactly fit you to body. And one last thing: Always wear the gown with a smile and confidence. It’s your special day, after all!

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