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Exotic Men Hats – Types and Benefits

Hats are among the most common & popular types of head wear, and its going to be daily accessories in men’s style. Hats are items of fashion in men’s clothing, also gives a trendsetter feel. We can see the return of boyish accessories, annotated with novel baseball caps and Boy Scout neckerchiefs in spring fashion collection 2016. Common forms of headgear include hats, caps, bonnets, hoods, and headscarves, but definite traits make the hat unique and different from other types of headgear. A hat and a cap are both different from each other; hats have a brim all the way around the rim on the other hand caps are soft, and often have no brim or just a peak. But hats are no longer signifies to a particular status in the society. Hats usually come in different styles, shapes, and fabrics and they are bound to suit your style. In this article, we’ll discuss some of the types of attractive & fashionable hats and various uses of wearing hats.

Panama Hats

Panama Hats - Fashion Seeker Place
“Panama” hat is made from the straw material. This straw material is the part of the plant “Carludovica Palmate” that grows in the coastal lowlands of western South America (but not in Panama). These hats are hand woven, mainly in Ecuador. These hats are fairly priced hats. Most of the Panama hats are white, or cream in color with black stripes are pasted around the hat.

Embroidered flex fit hats

embroidered flexfit hats- fashion seeker place

Embroidered flex fit hats are stretched to fit the head. These hats are in contrast with the other two favorite methods – the one-size-at-a-time and the grip strips fitted versions. These hats look trendier and are made so that one size fits all types of heads. Usually, these hats carry a large front logo and small back logo. These hats are very useful for gifts for corporate parties, giveaways and to build brand awareness.

Derby Hats

Derby Hats : Fashion seeker place

This hat is often called asCharlie Chaplin’s Hat.’ The crown of the Derby hats is nicely smoothed by an average brim around it. These hats are not very common today, but at one time they are very popular part of the man’s outfits. Derby hats are made up of felt and are little hard to touch, so they are not a good option for travel

Cowboys Hats

Cowboy Hat - Fashion Seeker Place

Cowboy hats act as the symbol of rugged west. Leather cowboy hats are tough, flexible and resistant to wind and rain. These hats provide customary fit for the wearer. It does not lose its shape or gets wrinkled easily. A cowboy hat made up of leather used to worn in the whole year. These hats come in different shades of brown and even black, which means it can complement any hair color and skin.

Note: According to Guinness, the world record for the number of caps from one person, who was having more than 82,000 caps set in 2006.

Now, we’ll discuss top benefits of hat: –

Make a Fashion Statement

Hats come in different shapes, sizes and styles so there must be one hat which will suit your style and help you to get noticed. Hats are the essential accessory that defines your dressing style. For example -The cowboy hat is one of the best hats of all times. Many people who love western culture, style and music also like to wear the cowboy hat.

Keeping Cool

A good hat blocks out the sun and helps in preventing UV radiations from beaming down onto your skin. So they contribute to keep you cooler in hot summer months.

Turn a Bad Hair Day into a Good Day– If don’t have time to fix your hair, or you have an awful haircut then the best way to conceal it is to get a hat on. A hat is an easy way to immediately transform your looks from “blah” to “wow!”. Since there are many types of men’s hats through which you can quickly update your looks to go well with your mood. Hats are gaining so much popularity that no one can even wonder what hair horror you are sporting under your stylish head gear.

In summer and winters day our hairs always want constant moisture that gives your hairs strength and prevent them from dry and fall. A hat protects your hair from summer sun to winters cold weather.  Hat will helps you to protect your hair’s moisture in any weather.

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