Fashion Hacks: Fashion Seeker Place

Improve your SWAG with Fashion Hacks in 60 Minutes!!

Fashion Hacks: Fashion Seeker Place

We’ve all been in situations where we wish we had a little more time, whether it’s while we’re getting ready or moments before we are about to give a major presentation. We want to be as prepared as possible, but there is always a possibility of something going wrong. You could stain your perfectly white shirt, get chewing gum stuck to your trousers or just get yourself into an embarrassing situation. However, don’t fret; there are lots of unknown hacks that can make your life easier. I wish someone had told me about these sooner; it would have saved me lots of stress in sticky situations! So without further ado, here are 20 fashion hacks that you should always remember:

  1. Using a hair straightener to iron your collar – Shirts are honestly one of the most awkward things to iron. I can never seem to get the creases out without creating more of them. Try using your hair straightener to get out any creases. Use it just as you would for your hair, but make sure you keep the temperature low!
  1. Baby powder to remove oil stains – Oil can stain, and it’s so difficult to get it out. This happens to me if I’m wearing something made from chiffon. Rub a little bit of baby powder over the area and it will help to soak up the oil and remove the stain. Try it out!
  1. Use shaving cream to remove makeup stains – It’s so easy to get makeup on your clothes, it drives me mad! However, you can squirt a little bit of shaving cream onto the stain and leave it for a few minutes. Then use a cloth and dab at the stain. It works like magic; it’s especially perfect for foundation and lipstick marks (I’m not sure how they manage to get there either!).

Fashion Hacks by Fashion Seeker Place
4. Remove chewing gum with an ice cube
– I’m not sure how this happens, but it’s very common to get a piece of chewing gum stuck on your clothes, whether it’s because you’ve sat on it or you’ve laughed so hard that it’s fallen out of your mouth. Rub an ice cube over the area and then use a knife to scrape it off.

  1. Rub Vaseline onto your foot to prevent blisters – If you have a pair of new shoes that you can feel rubbing against your skin, just put on a layer of Vaseline where the shoe touches your skin, and it will prevent you getting blisters from the shoe.
  1. Clean leather with your moisturizer -Some clever cleaning solution can make your life more easier and relaxed. All you have to do is just follow some simple littler fashion hacks given by Fashion Seeker Place. Take a little bit of your moisturizer and rub it over the leather. It will help to get the wrinkles out and keep it looking brand new.
  1. Use a pencil to get your zip unstuck – If you find that your zip is stuck, whether it is on a pair of jeans or the back of a skirt, you can rub the point of a No.2 pencil onto both sides of the zip. The graphite in the pencil is a dry lubricant; this will help to release the zip, and you’ll be out before you know it. You can also use chapstick which you are more likely to have with you.

  1. Use glass cleaner to keep your patent shoes shiny – When shoes lose their shine, it is tempting to go out and buy a new pair. This can end up costing lots of money, so why not just make your old shoes look brand new again? Use a glass cleaner spray such as Winder and spray them over the shoes. They’ll be left sparkling and give you a new fashion hack for improve gesture!
  1. Clear nail polish to stop buttons falling – Clothes are only made to last for so long, and you’ll probably find that the first sign of being too worn is when the buttons become loose or begin to fall off. It can be difficult to find matching buttons, and sewing them back on just seems like too much effort. Try using clear nail polish to paint the top of the button. The nail polish will prevent the threads from becoming loose.
  1. Wrap a pair of jeans around your neck to see if they’ll fit – Now I don’t know how this works, but it does. It’s very odd, but if you don’t have enough time to try something on in a shop, try this out, and you’ll be able to find out whether it will fit or not.
  1. Use hair grips to create patterns – This is just another way to accessories; you can create everything from triangles to your unique patterns in your hair. Just pin down your hair wherever you need to, and then place pins in opposite directions to create patterns.
  1. Use double-sided tape to make your dress shorter – If you’re small like me, then you’ll always find that the best dresses are just too long. However, there are ways that you can make them work for you! Fold the hem of the dress and use double-sided tape to make it stay the length that you want.
  1. Hole-punch your belt for an extra hole – This is brilliant because it means that your belts will always fit!
  1. Hang up your blouse in the bathroom whilst showering – The steam will help to get the wrinkles out and will save you time later. Make sure to keep it well away from the actual shower, though, you don’t want to be waiting around for it to dry.

Bathroom hacks by fashion seeker place

  1. Add glitter to your heels to disguise stuff – If your heels are still fine to walk in but look like they’ve been shredded or just like they’ve been dragged through the mud, you can coat the heel in superglue and then dip it into glitter. This will completely revamp your shoes. You don’t even have to match the glitter to the shoe; you can use a complementary color to give it a bit of an edge.
  1. Turn your top back to front – If you find that your top is too low-cut, you can wear it back to front. Nobody will know, and it will look like a brand new top. #FashionHacks
  1. Do up the button of your shirt sleeve and then roll – This will give you the perfect cuffed sleeve and can help to transform your outfit. It’s ideal for making a smart shirt look more casual.
  1. Use hand sanitizer to remove permanent marker stain – This is pretty self-explanatory, pump a little bit of hand sanitizer onto the stain and let it sit for a while. Then rub away and it should be as good as new. You might have to do it a few times, but it does work!cleaning_uses_for_hand_sanitizer_l
  1. Pin your socks together when washing – This will help to keep them together and prevent the whole ‘I’m wearing odd socks’ scenarios. New #StyleFashionHack
  1. Rub stale bread on your ankle boots to remove stains – This only works if your ankle boots are made of suede but it can save you lots of money, especially if you live in a place that rains all the time!

So there you go, 20 quick fashion hacks designed to make your life easier. Share these with your friends and enjoy all of that extra time you have left over!

This article was written by QurratulainZaheer, an avid lover of fashion and saving time. Her personal favorite hack is to buy tees and make cut-outs on the back. She recommends Chicks Rule for the best slogan t-shirts.

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