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Top Wearable Health Tech Will Keep You Fit & Healthy Ever!

Tech Guru’s see smart top wearable health tech as the wave of the future of technology. If you are one of those people that fancy the Beam Me Up, Scotty-future, then the wearable tech will be the closest thing that science fiction has become science fact. This year will mark an explosion in wearable tech that would act as satellites to our most valuable gadgets like the smartphone or the tablet. The interesting part is the fact that some of these wearable techs will help people get healthier and less vulnerable to any sickness. Here are some of the exciting wearable tech gadgets that you can wear and improve your health.

Top Wearable Health Tech : Pebble Time Steel

pebble-time_steelWith Pebble Time Steel you can manage notifications, incoming calls, incoming calls, fitness, music and more. Pebble Time Steel fits every occasion with hundreds of colorful e-paper display, and up to 10 days of battery life.

Garmin Vivosmart HR+


Moov Now

  • Water-proof
  • Omni Motion sensor
  • Real Time Audio Coach
  • 3D Motion Sensor

You can get it at $ 44.63 from here:

Magellan Echo Smartwatch

Magellan Echo Smartwatch

This iOS-compatible smartwatch will be able to track and keep the data of your running, to walk and other activities including skiing and golfing. Before the Echo Smart watch was good only to tell time and to play music that is being streamed from your smartphone. Not anymore. This new Smartwatch features sensors that can sync with apps like Strava and Wahoo Fitness. If you want to try this watch, it is reportedly retailing for $149. If you want to get the one with a heart monitor, you may need to cough out $50 more. Android users are expected to get their watches later this year.

Apple Watch

Apple Watch
A very incorporate fitness tracking smartwatch, developed by Apple Inc have ability to track your health orientation.

The device has available in four variants:

  1. Apple Watch Sport
  2. Apple Watch
  3. Apple Watch Herms
  4. Apple Watch Edition

Fitbit Surge

With Fitbit Surge is the first true sport tracking wearable smartwatch in 2016.
Fitbit Surge

With Fitbit Surge’s rubber you can get, automatic, wrist-based heart rate at the time of steps tracking, burned calories, track hourly activity. Top Wearable Health Tech “Fitbit Surge”  tracks your running distance through GPS with chasing your heart beats rate.


Haloband : Fashion seeker place

How cool would it be if you can control your smartphone by tapping it on your wrist? Now you can with Haloband you can unlock or lock your smartphone as easy as tapping it on your wrist. Haloband is currently on crowd funding and doing pretty well on Kick starter. This Wearable Health Tech is a silicon-based wristband that has an NFC chip that allows you to manipulate a myriad of operations and control some functions of your smartphone. It can also be linked to a cloud-based account where you can save information like your ID or photos and even emergency information like your blood type or allergies. So you can now send your information to another phone by simply getting it from your wrist. If you are not keen on giving Haloband some money to raise the $10,000 it needs to start production then you can buy it for $25 once it gets manufactured.

Microsoft Stress Bra
Microsoft Stress Bra

Late last year, Microsoft was reported to be developing a bra that can sense stress levels and send information to the wearer and avoid binge eating. This is the single biggest achievement in the field of anxiety and stress management—ever. And it comes in the form of an undergarment. The bra’s sensors are connected to a smartphone that alerts the wearer that there is a possibility to go on an eating binge. We all know that binge eating can be a hard slap which can ruin the health. The device is still under development, and more information is hopefully available soon.


Footlogger : Fashion Seeker Place

Footlogger is a technology that you put under the shoe. No, it is not used to eliminate the odor in the show—but that is a brilliant idea. Footlogger has an insole sensor that tracks and analyze data about your walking and running. It also can monitor the stress on the foot as you make your walks for more efficient cardiovascular exercises henceforth.

Google Glass

Google Glass
“Software developer Brian Ho holds a Google Glass device at Vandrico, a Canadian company specializing in wearable computing, during a demonstration for the media in North Vancouver, B.C., on Tuesday July 30, 2013. The company is developing software for the device which is one of only a few in the country. (AP Photo/The Canadian Press, Darryl Dyck)”

The much ballyhooed wearable tech can be equipped with apps that can track your progress as you move with an excellent heads-up display. Google Glass may not be the one you are looking for a great wearable tech but give it time. It will grow on you.

Samsung Gear 2

Samsung Gear 2After the hype and subsequent cringe-worthy commercial that has dampened perhaps the sale of the first Samsung Gear—it could only get better for the South Korean electronics giant. Samsung Gear 2 will have better health-related apps as most of the wearables will be health-centric this 2016.

And there you have it; the most anticipated wearable devices to hit the shelves. There could be more down the road but thus far these are the most promising and highly anticipated by industry insiders and gadget geeks. Hopefully, engineers and start-ups will develop more and exciting technology to wear to improve the lifestyle and health of the one that wears it.

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